A New Beginning

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Why such kind of name?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could fork people’s lives and build our lives upon it! Nature does it, software developers do it, so why wouldn’t you do it too?

Hello World!

I have tried writing regularly many times and failed. But haven’t given up yet; This is a fresh start. Last night I got a sudden urge to write. the similar kind of feeling when one is in the zone may be like Sheldon Cooper 😛 I did not want to put in time on building a blog, and loose that feeling, also I haven’t been using the WordPress.com platform since long; Obviously with the build it yourself concept, which comes with WordPress.org gives way more freedom. But with that every time I sat down to write, I use to get engaged more in the building part of it, and completely forget what I had to write about 😛 Ya, I know that’s too lame and funny to believe. Just to get a hang to it, it started with it, Also the name of this blog has an interesting story behind it. I am writing ...(Read More)